Round Table Discussion With Congressman Ted Lieu

4/18/2017 Four Seasons Hotel Palo Alto

On April 18th, 2017, AAGG hosted a round table luncheon with Congressman Ted Lieu at the Four Season Hotel Silicon Valley, Palo Alto. Board members and community members attended the event. They are: CC Yin, Hsing Kung, Ken Fong, Ken Xie, Albert Wang, Charlie Huang, Michael Chen, Cady Yu, Teresa Lai, Caixing Xie, Tianchun Lou.  Congressman Ted Lieu spoke at the event giving updates on his work at congress. Ken Xie, CEO of Fortinet delivered a short speech on the current trend of internet security.  The small gathering was productive. The attendants expressed their commitment to support AAGG. We will continue to host monthly talks with elected government officials at a small scale and involve all the members in in-depth conversation with officials to resolve issues and provide support.

* This event was not open to public. It is open to AAGG Board members only.