On May 6th, 2018, Don Sun and Hsing Kung attended Congresswoman Judy Chu’s fundraising event in San Francisco representing AAGG.  Don and Hsing picked up Judy at SFO airport. The main host of the event was the Chinese Acupuncture Association, AAGG and other Chinese organizations were co-host.

Over 300 people attended the event.  Judy Chu reviewed her work in Congress since 2009 as congresswoman and her current position as member of the House Ways and Means Committee.  She has been focusing her work on protecting Chinese citizens from wrongfully charged by FBI as Chinese spies.  The case of Sherry Chen and Xiaoxing Xi are the two most important cases she involved in and we are so fortunate to have her in Congress to represent us correct the wrongs that have done to members of our community.

Don made a short brief about AAGG’s work and that members that AAGG have supported in 2017 and currently.

AAGG has a table with many new friends joined the supporting team to Chinese American leaders. At our table are Hsing Kung, Helen Song, Eleine Peng, John Lin, George Li, Tanya Zhuang, Teresa Lai.

We would like to thank Michelle Lau of the Chinese Acupuncture Association for organizing the event.